Christmas Without a Tree

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Christmas Without a Tree

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Wendell is really surprised when he gets a visit from Santa Claus in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.

Excerpt from Christmas Without a Tree:

       "Of course you didn't see me," said Santa. He reached inside the pocket of his red suit and pulled out an ornately decorated snow globe that was glowing inside. Gripping the bottom of the snow globe with one hand, Santa moved it close to the boy's face.
       When the snow cleared inside, Wendell didn't see plastic children building a plastic snowman like in his mom's snow globe. Instead, he was staring down at the entire town of Pinesbury at night. All the houses and businesses were dark, but the streetlights and gas lamps left white and yellow circles of light along the snowy ground. A plow truck, with its powerful headlights shining ahead, was skillfully clearing snow along James Street.
       Wendell gazed up at Santa in awe.


last updated:  08/07/15